About Us


Hi There!

Panda Travel Tips is a unique and innovative travel resource for the adventurers looking for authentic experiences on their journeys. 

A passion for travel, culture, and connecting with people around the world fuels the Panda Travel Tips team. The reasons and ways of traveling are as diverse and varied as each person. Everyone has their own way, desire, and motivation for travel, which is why this blog seeks to address the many options travelers have on their trips.


The blog was created at the beginning of 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic. As everyone was forced to stay home, travelers found themselves living vicariously through internet searches and planning all the trips they would take when doors and borders opened again.


Panda Travel Tips came into being as a way to discuss travel and fill a void missing in the travel blog industry. The articles provide travel advice and tips to those looking to make their trip as seamless as possible while also diving into the culture, sites, tastes, activities and more that make each place worthy of exploration.